A black and white story

British charm and Asian suggestions meet in this refined setting played on the chromatic contrast between black and white. A style that evokes the 19th Century England atmospheres, with a furniture proposal that takes inspiration from the furnishings of the English country houses, that were often characterized by the presence of pieces designed by one of the most important interior designers ever existed: Thomas Chippendale. 

England's foremost furniture designer during the 18th Century, Thomas Chippendale was popular for his Chinese inspired decorations with pagoda style elements, refined fretwork and intricately carved legs. Sophisticated details that can be find in some of Gianfranco Ferré Home's pieces, such as the consoles Richard and Scott, featuring the use of distressed shades on woods and slightly antique finishing. The oriental taste of the furniture meets the masculine taste of the fabrics, in an original mix with a sartorial style.

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The Hug armchair's black and white striped cushions recall the menswear fabrics so much loved by the designer Gianfranco Ferré. Prince of Wales, pinstripes, pied-de-poule, tweed were patters that Mr. Ferré loved to use in his fashion collections and that the English lords chose for their casual outfits. In the Gianfranco Ferré Home collection they become part of a project were classic and recognizable references meet the modern appeal of selected accessories and decoration, to create a timeless setting that deeply embodies the DNA of the brand.

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